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Columbus, OH, 43206
United States

Beth Grace is an author and artist, living and creating in Columbus, Ohio.


Writers are collectors.

Collectors of words, emotions, observations. Overheard arguments. Body language. The sound a plastic button makes when it drops to the floor from the natty old cardigan a co-worker keeps stored in her bottom desk drawer.

Because we never know when something insignificant will turn into something important. Every detail of every day gets socked away for future use. 

When these moments belong to other people, we create a story that makes sense of it. When these moments belong to us, we create a story that makes sense of it.

This repetition of collecting and sense-making is admittedly neurotic. But if it helps me understand myself and the world better, that's good. If it helps other people? That's great.

Check out my blog for updates on what I'm working on as well as musings on writing, editing, and whatever else seems relevant to my creative process: